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Exploring high-quality photographs of landscapes, historical ruins, and archaeological finds helps individuals of all ages feel a direct connection to the stories and teachings of the Bible.

Such images transport Bible readers to the actual places where key events occurred, enhancing their understanding of Scripture and allowing the inspired texts to resonate more deeply.

For example, seeing remnants of ancient sites where figures like Moses or Jesus Christ walked transforms distant stories into vivid, relatable accounts, making the Word of God come alive.

Island of Patmos
The Island of Patmos (from Vol. 12)

Affordable and Instantly Accessible Photos of the Bible is the premier source for photographs related to the geography and history of the Bible. The website has an extensive collection of high-resolution images that cover key locations from both the Old and New Testaments.

The photographs offer viewers a firsthand look into places like Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Galilee, among many others. Every image is paired with informative descriptions that explain its biblical significance.

Pastors, teachers, and online and in-print content creators will discover that the photographs are affordable and easily accessible. Bible Places also offers users broad rights to purchased images.

The images come in a variety of cost-saving packages and collections, which can be downloaded in minutes. Or, those that want pictures on a DVD will benefit from the free shipping the website offers.

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Highlight #1: The Photo Companion to the Bible’s “Photo Companion to the Bible Series” is a game-changer for anyone who loves to read and study the Bible. By merging Scripture with high-resolution photography, this series provides readers with a visually immersive experience not found elsewhere.

Each photograph complements specific Bible passages, allowing one to visualize the historical context and geographical landscapes described in the scriptures. The integration of explanatory text and high-quality images helps the reader to understand and enjoy the biblical text.

For example, if a person is reading, teaching, or preaching the Gospels, the Photo Companion to the Bible has an affordable set of images that are sure to enhance the learning experience. As the table below illustrates “The Gospels” package is the best deal.

Matthew: 3,000+ images and Powerpoint slides$89
Mark: 2,000+ images and Powerpoint slides$69
Luke: 3,000+ images and Powerpoint slides$89
John: 2,000+ images and Powerpoint slides$79
Total if purchased separately$326
Total if purchased as a package (over 10,000 images)$169

In each package, the images for each book of the Bible are organized by chapter and verse, making each collection user-friendly. For instance, if someone is reading, teaching, or preaching on Matthew 2:1-11, they can navigate to that chapter and passage in the Matthew collection and see the images associated with it.

Highlights of images related to the first Gospel include the Visit of Magi, the Flight to Egypt, the Sermon on the Mount, the preaching tours of Jesus, and the Olivet Discourse.

The images contain annotations explaining the image selection and background. The description and explanations of each picture were written by a team of professors and scholars.

To see images from the Matthew package, and download 155 images from Matthew 4, see this page at

Photo Companion

Highlight #2: The Pictorial Library of Bible Lands

The Pictorial Library of Bible Lands is a collection of photographs that spans 20 volumes. The collection covers important biblical and historical sites located in Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, and other countries. There are more than 20,000 high-resolution photographs in total.

Every image in the collection is provided in jpg format, with a resolution of at least 1600×1200 pixels. These photos are versatile and can be edited or printed using graphic software.

Additionally, pre-made PowerPoint presentations featuring the images are available, arranged logically in a “tour” order, grouped by region, site, or subject. Is the Vision of Dr. Todd Bolen was founded by Dr. Todd Bolen in the year 2000 to provide photographic resources for the study and teaching of the biblical world.

Todd lived and taught at the Israel Bible Extension near Jerusalem for many years and he currently serves as Professor of Biblical Studies at the home campus of The Master’s University in California.

He has graduate degrees from Jerusalem University College and The Master’s Seminary and a Ph.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary.

More than 40 other photographers have contributed to the collections.

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